Winter warming fashion for dogs

Keep your dog warm & dry this winter

Pets feel the cold just like us humans. Dogs that live indoors most of the time are not used to sudden changes in temperature, so when it gets really cold outside they can catch a chill. You can find a huge selection of dog clothing online to keep your dogs warm and dry when they are out on walks during the cold winter months.

It is really important that smaller dogs are kept warm, especially those with shorter coats. Smaller dogs are often more susceptible to cold weather but it’s not just smaller dogs, most dogs will feel the cold, especially in freezing conditions. 

Should I buy my dog a coat or jacket?

Dog coats or jackets can provide a little added insulation layer, they can help to trap heat and keep your dog warm. Many coats and jackets incorporate a quilted layer or have fleece linings to provide extra warmth. Many doggy coats also have a waterproof outer layer, so they are also great in rain showers. Dog jackers and coats start from £15 upward, so they are a cost effective way to keep your dog warm, dry and happy.

Our favourite dog coats

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