Pets magnetic healing collars

Magno therapy for pets

Magnetic collars are all the rage with pet owners!

Magnetic therapy or ‘magnotherapy for pets’ has a large and growing following. Pet owners have experienced how the power of magnets in wristbands and bracelets, can help reduce their own aches and pains. Because of this many pet owners are more willing to try out magnetic collars for dogs and cats.

How do magnetic collars for pets work?

t is not conclusive but it is thought that when magnets are built into a collar, the magnets could aid circulation, thus increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery via the lungs. It is this oxygen enriched blood that flows to your pets organs and around their bodies, enhancing internal health and helping to maintain strong bones and healthy joints.

It is thought that magnetic fields help to increase the adherence of calcium ions to a blood clot, speeding up the healing process. Magnets can be effective treatment for periods of lameness caused by growth spurts in young and developing animals helping to heal and promote healthy growth.

In animal medicine, magnet therapy could be implemented to help fractures heal faster. Magnets can work in unison with conventional treatments for conditions including: arthritiship and joint pain relief and disorders effecting the vertebra and spine. and could complement

It is important to understand magnetic collars should not be used as a treatment for infectious diseases or cancers – Pet owners should always seek vetinary advice to rule out underlying illness. Your vet will be able to discuss treatment options, including the suitability of using a magnetic pet collar with you.

Pet owners who have cardiac pacemakers should be aware that use of magnetic collars & magnetic therapy can effect how their pacemaker  functions, especially when close to items with magnets built in them.

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