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Compare pet insurance from many of the UKs leading pet insurers. Ensure you have suitable protection to cover vet fees, medications, treatments and operations  for your dogs, cats and other family pets. Ensure your pets get the care they need if they fall ill. Our pet insurance quotes allow you to quickly compare pet insurance quotes for peace of mind.

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Ensure your pets are happy with regular interaction and stimulating 'play' time.

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Healthy pets need regular exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. Healthy pets are happy pets.


Ensure your pets get the right care regular vet checkups, vaccinations and boosters.


Pet healthcare can be expensive, pet insurance can help cover the cost of treating illnesses & disease.


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I needed insurance for our pedigree cat. I tried a comparison site but the choice of insurers was not great so we tried and found a specialist insurer for pedigree cats...very happy!
Pets Insured Customer Feedback Mary
Our daughter crazed us for a parrot. We eventually let her, when it came to finding good insurance we used Pets Insured to get some quotes. We found it easy to use and the insurance providers were also helpful.
Pets Insured Customer Feedback Jacl
When our insurance premium skyrocketed for our pony we went straight to and found specialist equine insurance cover. It was significantly less than our previous insurance provider for the same level of cover.
Pets Insured Customer Feedback Mandy
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