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Wether you need dog insurance, cat insurance, pony or horse insurance, bird or reptile insurance, join the many others who  have found pet insurance and saved money.

Pet insurance is hugely important for many pet owners. Pet insurance cover provides peace of mind that you have some financial support should any of your pets suffer from an illness or be involved in an accident. Most pet insurers provide various levels of cover, from basic cover, to premium cover. Some premiums offer annually renewing cover that resets each year while other premiums provide time limited cover, typically up to 12 months for each illness or issue.  

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance cover provides peace of mind for unexpected cost of illnesses & accidents involving family pets.

Pet Health

Quality food and regular exercise helps to ensure your pets stay fit and at a healthy weight.

VET Care

Regular vet visits, help ensure your pets are up to date with vaccines & boosters and in good health

Happy Pets

Healthy pets are happy pets, follow these simple steps


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I was recommended by family members, I am really pleased I have switched to a new insurer for my dogs, the annual premium is much cheaper and the cover is much better...
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I needed to insure my daughters new pony I got a couple of quotes and opted for pony/horse and rider insurance. It offers better level of cover with the addition of cover for my daughter.
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I keep snakes, I have 4 so I was pleased to get a multi pet insurance policy to cover all four snakes, it worked out much cheaper and bills and renews just once a year for all 4 snakes.
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