Exotic Pet Insurance - For lizards, reptiles and snakes

Snakes, lizards, reptiles and other exotic animals are popular pets. Insurance cover for snakes lizards and reptiles is part of a niche market, we are working with UK insurance providers to bring exotic pet owners a comprehensive policy for UK snake and reptile owners, that will cover your exotic pets against illness, disease, specialist veterinary care and medical procedures.

Snakes, lizard and reptile insurance – peace of mind for exotic pet owners 

You never know when or if your pets might get sick. With many exotic pets including reptiles, lizards and snakes, illnesses can be unexpected and occasionally specialist veterinary care is required. Vet bills for consultations, medication & procedures can be expensive adding unnecessary worry during a stressful time. Having insurance cover means you have some added security against having to find money or, risking loosing pets due to unaffordable costs.