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Insurance quotes for exotic pets including parrot insurance, cockatoo insurance, bird of prey insurance, and insurance for small mammals, get a kick quote click the ‘quote’ button and then fill in the quote form with all required details. Quotes take less than 5 minutes to complete they if you are happy with the quote you can start insurance cover immediately with same day cover.
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Insurance cover for parrots and exotic birds

 Insurance for parrots, cockatoos, birds of prey and small mammals

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Cover from £4+ per month
A Direct Debit payment option is available

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Are your parrots and exotic pets insured?

Exotic Direct specialist insurance for your exotic birds and pets

You never know when or if your pets might get sick. For pets like exotic birds and small mammals illnesses can be unexpected and require urgent vet care. Vet bills can be expensive and can quickly escalate. Adding additional worry at an already stressful time.

Why Exotic Direct insurance?

Exotic Direct specialise in insurance cover for a whole range of exotic animals including parrots, cockatoos and other birds as well as small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Exotic Direct have many years experience providing unique insurance cover for captive exotic pets and animals with essential pet insurance cover providing financial backup for the unexpected cost of veterinary care should your pets suffer from illnesses or disease.

Exotic Direct Policy Options


A basic policy with minimum level vet fee cover that can meet the replacement cost of your pet in the event of death or theft.


Exotic Direct essential policy is designed to meet your most crucial pet insurance requirements. Policies include medium level of vet fee cover and depending on your pet type can also meet the replacement cost of your pet as a result of death or theft.


Exotic Direct comprehensive cover provides maximum insurance protection. Policies include maximum vet fee cover levels and depending on your pet type can also meet the replacement cost of your pet as a result of death or theft.

Benefits Exotic Direct Pet Insurance Cover

  • ExoticDirect has been providing exotic pet insurance cover since 1996.
  • Cover is immediate (subject to Terms and Conditions).
  • Direct vet payments can be arranged directly with your vet surgery if they are affiliated.
  • 0% APR Direct Debit Scheme
  • Small dedicated claims team, more personalised experience. 

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