Keep Your Dog Warm

Fantastic items you can buy to keep your dogs warm and dry this autumn and winter

There are a huge selection of pet products available to keep dogs warm and dry when they are out on walks in those cold autumn and winter months. As we move into winter it is important that smaller dogs are kept warm, especially those with shorter hair. All dogs are able to feel the cold but smaller dogs are more susceptible to cold weather, the same is true for older dogs.

Should I buy a dog coat or jacket?

Dog coats or jackets can provide a little added insulation layer, they can help to trap heat and keep your dog warm. Many coats and jackets incorporate a quilted layer or have fleece linings to provide extra warmth. Jackets start at around £10 so they are a cost effective way to keep your dog warm and dry.

Designer options

As with all products there are designer dog jacket and coats now available in all guises, from your outdoor Barbour style to more funky uptown street styles.

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Our 4 Favourite Dog Jackets

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