Identity Tags – Finding Lost Pets

Identity tags are an important aspect of pet protection and welfare – A simple name and contact number etched on a metal tag, attached to a dog or cats collar can mean the difference between a pet being swiftly returned home to worried owners. Or unidentifiable, lost and un-returnable. 

Traditional metal engraved tags – Simple metal tags are a perfect way to include your name, your pets name and a contact number. They provide anyone the finds your pet the ability to call you and arrange collection or dropping back home.  

Smart pet tags or collars with built in GPS and trackers –  Smart tags and collars are an excellent way of letting you see where your pets are. If they escape, roam or get lost you can activate the tracker to pinpoint their location and hopefully find and collect them. The main issue with smart tags or collars is that they are electronic, so they can get damaged & they rely on having charged batteries. 

  • Walk your dog/s during the day, it is much less likely that you will be caught outside with fireworks displays going on.
  • Close windows, curtains and bring your pets into the same room as you.
  • Stay home with your pets and put on some background music or turn up the TV, to attempt to block out the noise of fireworks.
  • Put your pets bedding under a table or under a bed, somewhere that can provide a hiding place.
  • Ensure cat flaps are secured/locked to keep your cat/s inside.

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