Fireworks – Scary time for pets

Fireworks are part of bonfire night celebrations. Fireworks are fun for families and kids but firework displays can be a real concern for pet owners. The loud bangs and bright flashes from a local fireworks display can be highly traumatic for dogs, cats and other pets. Most pets, especially dogs and cats have a heightened sense of hearing, so fireworks can cause barking, panic and other distressed behaviour.

It is always sensible to plan for firework displays and you can do a number of simple things to ease the stress levels for your pets.

If you are able to travel or go away..

  • Get away from fireworks displays. You could book a camping holiday or short break somewhere secluded, get away from large populations and the threat of fireworks.

If you are unable to travel make suitable preparations …

  • Walk your dog/s during the day light, it is much less likely that you will be caught outside with fireworks displays going on.
  • Close windows, curtains and bring your pets into the same room as you.
  • Stay home with your pets and put on some background music or turn up the TV, to attempt to block out the noise of fireworks.
  • Put your pets bedding under a table or under a bed, somewhere that can provide a hiding place.
  • Comfort pets if it helps them relax.
  • Bring cats indoors, ensure cat flaps are secured/locked to keep cats inside.

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